Skull & Crossbones Bandana 100% Cotton Head band Scarf Dog Neck Tie Feeanddave
Skull & Crossbones Bandana 100% Cotton Head band Scarf Dog Neck Tie Feeanddave

Skull & Crossbones Bandana 100% Cotton Head band Scarf Dog Neck Tie Feeanddave

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5 stars on everything, great service quick replies and very helpful. No brown nosing, best service I've received from online shopping and when I visited their stand at Strawberry Fair

Morgan Gareth
Cambridge UK

I would really recommend them as every thing is really good quality. I have been searching for 2year to keep phone safe and easy to get to when self propelling my self in my wheelchair. I now have a special made pouch with a dragon on. The staff here are so helpful and do there best to get what you need.

Heather Wilkes

Can't recommend these guys enough. Fabulous silver designs, and I see something new to buy every time I see them! Customer service is out of this world and value for money goes without saying. If you buy your silver somewhere else you're mad! �

Tee Hemster

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